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Yes. I was one of the many millions who hated the trailer of the latest ‘Ghostbusters’ film.

And despite the talk of an all female cast as the Ghostbusters – that’s not what irked me.

What irritated me was that it was another ‘reboot’ or ‘remake’ of another classic movie.

Ghostbusters is just one of a list of many that’s coming out of Hollywood these days:

So far we’ve had Point Break (crap), Terminator Genisys (garbage), Star Wars (good), Star Trek (fairly good), Batman & Superman (terrible). And there’s many more to come.

Blade Runner? Oh man.

So, it was with some apprehension that I walked into the Empire Cinema in Island Bay on a Sunday afternoon to watch ‘Ghostbusters’ starring Melissa Mccarthy, Kiirsten Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

And to my surprise, it was a whole lot of fun.

The whole audience were laughing at the jokes (as was I) and for two hours I totally let go of the idea that Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore are still the real Ghostbusters and that nobody should ever touch their nuclear reactor proton packs. Sure this movie doesn’t hold a bar against the original 1984 film, but it creates it’s own sense of fun – that’s more in sync with today’s smartphone social media snapchat generation.

Melissa McCarthy and Kirsten Wiig are always good, Leslie Jones has the best line in the whole film, and Kate McKinnon channels mad scientist Doc Brown from Back to the Future and looks like she’s having a ball of a time making the weapons for these ghostbusters to go ghostbusting.

In fact, it was the small cameos from the original Ghostbusters (Bill Murray, Dan Akyroyd, Annie Potts, Sigourney Weaver) that detracted from this film. Only Harold Ramis’ statue (may he rest in peace) comes out with any credit here.

Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame has fun playing the dumb Male beefcake secretary, if abeit he plays it a bit too stupid for my liking – the female audience in the theatre clearly loved his role, and he plays his good looks well against the female cast (Kirsten Wiig swooning over him is a hoot).

The only big gripe – and it’s a big one, is that the original ghostbusters do not exist in this Ghostbsters cinematic Universe and that’s a real shame. It would’ve been awesome to see Stantz, Venkman, Zeddemore and Louis Tully don their proton packs again with this new group.

This film is no where near the 1984 classic, but it runs very close to the second one.

They came, they saw, they kicked it’s ass.

Nice work ladies.



The crew from the Starship Enterprise are back.

I really enjoyed this film because it stuck to the fun of the 60s and 70s tv series – even right down to the hoakey looking sets which looked like they were made out of polystyrene and came straight out of the 1970 film Planet of the Apes.

And that’s what made it cool.

With more interaction and banter between the leads, Chris Pine as Capt James T Kirk, Zachary Quninto as Spock, and Karl Urbahn as Bones McCoy, it made this third instalment more enjoyable than Star Trek: Into Darkness, which took itself a bit too seriously. Even JJ Abrams admitted he made some mistakes on the second film.


Despite the positives, the only downside is the villain – which is surprising seeing it’s Idris Elba (Whats with the non- americans being the main villains in these star trek films? Eric Bana in the first and Benedict Cumberbatch in the second).

Directed by Fast & Furious Justin Linn, he stills amps up the action – but he fuses it well with the more dramatic scenes. And there’s no JJ Abrams lens flare!

My favourite moment of the film? Has to be when “Sabotage”by the Beastie Boys is played when they attack the enemy ship. That scene rocks.

Co-written by Simon Pegg who plays Scotty the Engineer – this adventure is a nice homage to the style of the Gene Roddenberry tv series as well as a great tribute to Leonard Nimoy (who passed away last year).



Although I like The Bourne Ultimatum, I’m not a big fan of the fast, hyper-kinetic editing style that Paul Greengrass uses in these films. With cuts happening every 3 seconds – my eyes feel like it’s going through a very fast crossfit workout (I think they call it a WOD), and I end up with a very bad headache and the discomforting feeling that I’ve been thrown into a washing machine dryer on a two hour cycle.


This fourth outing sees Bourne ten years later – and he ends up back in the CIA shenanigans again. Again, you’ve seen it all before and there’s nothing new to what you’ve seen in the previous Bourne films. That fast editing is back again (just wonderful) but watching the car chase sequence that happens on the Las Vegas strip is brash and brutal and worth the price of admission alone.


I do like the cat and mouse nature of the Bourne films – especially between Bourne and the opposing “asset” – the CIA appointed assassin who’s out to eliminate Bourne as well as his contacts. Like Clive Owen in the first film, Karl Urban in the second and Edgar Ramirez in the third – Vincent Cassells is perfect as the fourth deadly sniper. He has more game time in this film as he has a bit of a history with Damon’s character.

Tommy Lee Jones also continues the fine array of actors who’ve played the crooked CIA head who wants Bourne dead (Chris Cooper, Ronny Cox and David Straithairn).

But overall – I seen this all before. Maybe it was better if Jason Bourne did stay hidden from authorities.

And despite the bad reviews – I rewatched The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner. It’s actually a very good film. Now that would make a nice follow up to this. Renner and Damon pitted against each other? That would make an interesting prospect.

Just get rid of that hyper-kinetic up editing. That’s so 2005.

Now, anyone¬†got any Panadol? I’ve got a bit of a headache.

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