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So how come I enjoyed this one more than Peter Jackson’s version of Kong in 2004?

Two words.


This new Kong film is set in a remote island of the coast of Vietnam in 1973, and blatantly steals riffs off the 1979 war film “Apocalypse Now“. From the choice of lighting to the camerawork and locations,  it felt like in any second Lieutenant Willard, Colonel Kilgore or General Kurtz were just around the corner.  (Sorry for those who have not seen Apocalypse Now – I suggest you do. It just happens to be another one my favourite movies of all time).


With it’s obvious nods to Apocalypse, the film manages to get away with it all. And with old classic rock tunes of the 70s like ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath, and ‘Run through the Jungle’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  I secretly smiled while listening to the music and watching the apocalyptic images of helicopters flying against a blazing orange sunset, and a huge silhouette of Kong confronting them.


Tom Hiddleston plays the leading man well and looks like he’s auditioning to be the next James Bond. (And he probably will be). Brie Larson takes a lot of photos but is used sparingly which is a shame ( she’s an Oscar winner for goodness sake) and Sam Jackson, John C Reilly and John Goodman are always on point.


On the whole it’s a totally dumb and wacky action film. But in the best possible sense. Cheesy as hell but great fun to watch. And this Kong is no wimp. Yes, he’ll save the girl but if you had to compare peter Jacksons Kong with this one – this one’s real tough. Like Charles Bronson tough. From the movie Once Upon A Time in the West tough.

Screen shot 2017-04-06 at 5.48.40 PM.png

Kong and Charles Bronson from ‘Once Upon A Time in the West’. Both bad-asses.

This Kong is definitely the King of the Jungle on Skull Island and he makes it known with sheer brute force. Kicking big lizard ass, there’s no time for a tear from the big ape when he saves the damsel Brie Larson in distress.  This Kong simply roars loudly, beats his chest hard and moves on. Forget beauty. This beast is in total beast mode.  


On the whole an enjoyable film – with enough action and thrills to get you through a rainy Sunday afternoon.

(Cue loud Gorilla roar)

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