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Zany.  Funny.  Goofy.

Not exactly the three words you’d normally describe the God of Thunder.

But that’s exactly what you get with Thor: Ragnarok, Part 3 of the Thor series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Of course you’d already know it’s directed by Kiwi Taika Waititi – and he’s definitely put his brand of kiwi humour on proceedings. Actor Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor seems to be loving it (maybe because he’s Australian and totally gets the ‘Chur Bro’ aspect), portraying Thor in a much lighter mood than his previous four outings.


The Taika humour is laid on right from the start, with Hemsworth in a bright and jovial mood even though he has been caught by the big and evil fire demon Surtur.  But don’t worry – with his trustworthy hammer he still kicks major ass. For this first action sequence Taika picks an epic track from Led Zeppelin – the grandiose and highly appropriate ‘Immigrant Song’ (the whole song is about the Hammer of the Gods and Valkyries) and the resulting action sequence – even though we’ve seen it all before, is a visual/rock music treat to watch – driven by Jimmy Page’s rumbling guitar, Robert Plant’s screaming and John Bonham’s thunderous drumming. (Note to Millennials and Generation Zedders: I advise you to look up John Bonham. In Rock’n’Roll he’s the human God of Thunder).


John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. The Drum Rock God of Thunder.

But it’s the goofy humour which makes this Marvel movie shine more than most. It doesn’t take itself too seriously (whereas Thor: the Dark World did), and the ensemble cast run riot – especially Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as the sly Loki, and Jeff Goldblum hams it up as the Grandmaster of the Planet Sakaar (sounds like a Hip-Hop group).


Tessa Thompson as the drunken but valiant Valkrie warrior with the elegant name of Scrapper 142 is great in her role, and the always awesome Idris Elba goes all Rasta Fa-Rye with his new-look dreads – giving solid support as Heimdall. Yeah mon.


The Antagonist of the film  – Cate Blanchett does the evil sister thing well as Hela – evil heir to the Aszgard throne, but she does get the boring scenes, with Aszgard looking more like an empty set of the Elf Kingdom of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings.

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / the Hulk is always on point – but he’s made way cooler when he has to wear Tony Stark’s clothes – in particular his tee shirt of Duran Duran‘s album cover Rio.


On a side note; I’ve always wanted to collect Tony Stark’s tee-shirts from the Avengers and Iron Man films – in particular:

Black Sabbath’s 1978 US Tour (below)


Bruce Lee as a DJ (Avengers: Age of Ultron)


And now Duran Duran’s RIO Album cover of 1981, which Banner has to wear during this film. Tony Stark just makes wearing tees of old 70s and 80s rock bands ultra cool again.


Sorry, back to the film –

Oh yeah I forgot to mention Matt Damon and Sam Neill make funny cameos as well. Hell, even Doctor Strange is in this film! And our very own Karl Urban turns up as a relunctant villain. And there’s other Kiwis in the film – Cohen Holloway in a cameo as a renegade alien and Rachel House is great as Jeff Goldblum’s henchwoman Topaz .

But the main Kiwi in the film is stands well over six feet and is made of rock.  When Korg the alien rock creature appears – the audience couldn’t stop giggling. Choice. There’s now a Marvel character that speaks like a kiwi bro. With Taika providing the voice – the calmly spoken Korg is a master stroke. It would’ve been even more awesome if Korg’s sidekick had Julian Denniston’s voice, but he’s busy playing alongside Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool sequel.


I had a great time watching this movie – I’m sure most Kiwis did too. And I’m pretty sure the actors had a great time making this film as well.

I can’ wait when this Motley bunch meet the Motley Crew of Guardians of the Galaxy  – these two groups do meet for Avengers Infinity War don’t they? – or so that was my initial thought at the end of this film  – sorry, that was a bit of a spoiler.

And if you’re thinking of getting Christmas presents, Tony’s Stark’s tee-shirts are selling on E-Bay.

My size is Large (L).

Just saying.



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