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Now when I say music track – I’m refering to a particular song – not the music score of the film – but an actual song.

I asked friends and family over the past year – if they had a favourite movie scene that had a particular song in it.

So, here are their favourites.

But be warned – it’s gonna get cheesy.

Starting with my sister Bev.

Beverley chose the scene in the film LOVE ACTUALLY where Hugh Grant (playing the British Prime Minister) dances to the song “Jump” by The Pointer Sisters.

Now it was Stephanies’ turn.

She chose the movie SAY ANYTHING and the scene when the song “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel is played.

Now this one is for all you romantics out there. Its a very simple scene – but as John Cusack holds up the ghetto blaster to play “In Your Eyes” to serenade Iona Skye. Hold it up John for all to hear…

At least it wasn’t a scene from Dirty Dancing.

Or Pretty Woman.

Or…I spoke too soon.

Catherine chooses the Pretty Woman scene where Julia Roberts is sitting in the Limo having decided to leave Richard Gere and the song ‘It Must’ve Been Love’ by Roxette is played.

Oh god. Help me now. Next one please. Sorry sis.

It’s getting way too cheesy and romantic right now.

Thank goodness for Peter when I asked what his favourite track in a movie scene was.

He picked that great scene from Almost Famous when the band stillwater along with Penny Lane, Anna Paquin all sing ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Elton John on the tour bus. Sweet.

It also reminded me of another great Elton John track called ‘Amoreena’ that was used to begin the classic Al Pacino film ‘Dog Day Afternoon‘ (1975).  If you haven’t seen that film – I advise you to watch it. It’s brilliant. Ok, back to Tiny Dancer.

Rachel picked the great action flick HIGHLANDER and the epic track by QueenWho Wants To Live Forever‘. In fact, the whole movie soundtrack by Queen is epic. Right from the opening credits with Sean Connery’s narration, to the brilliant ‘Princes Of The Universe‘ to ‘It’s A Kinda Magic’…it just rocks.

As Connor McLeod  says; ‘There can only one’…this is one of the great movie rock soundtracks. Oh yeah, Queen also did Flash Gordon

My Brother-in-Law Keith chose the Burt Bacharach number ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’ from the classic Western Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.  Always thought this was an odd choice seeing the film was a Western and having a contemporary number play right in the middle of the film, but it works and Bacharach got an Oscar for Best Song in 1969 for his troubles. Take it away Paul Newman.

Uncle Murray chose a few goodies.  Classic rock songs from classic movies. Harry Nilssons ‘Everybodys’ Talkin’ from the film MIDNIGHT COWBOY and Steppenwolfs’ ‘Born To Be Wild’ from EASY RIDER but the one he chose and which I’ve put on here is a killer. John Travolta carrying a litre of paint and struttin his stuff on the streets of Brooklyn to Bee Gee’s ‘Staying Alive’ from the film SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. Very cool, in a disco sort of way.

And because Kelly just wanted to see Travoltas butt, here’s the sequel to Saturday Night Fever – the Slyvester Stallone directed ‘Staying Alive’ (1983) with Travolta in even tighter jeans continues to strut – this time on Broadway and Times Square. And without the litre of paint.

Queen appears again as Vaughan chose a remix of Queen “Another One Bites The Dust with Daft Punks “Robot Rock”  in IRON MAN 2  – played in the scene when a drunken Tony Stark in his Iron Man suits fights his best friend Rhoady who’s suited up as War Machine. Heavy Metal action at its finest, this track and the scene is definitely one for the boys. Good choice Vaughan.

Now it was Kellys’ turn and she chose the ending credits scene from an unknown film, CELLUAR – starring Chris Evans and Jason Statham. The song is the “Sinnerman remix” by Felix Da Housecat. Peculiar choice, but it does work. The films pretty good as well.

Nick picked the scene in the Quentin Tarrantino classic, ‘RESERVOIR DOGS’ when Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) decides to torture a police officer by cutting off his ear to the happy playful tune of Stealer’s Wheel’s ‘Stuck in the Middle With You’. Here it is in all its gruesome glory. Song starts 1 minute and 45 seconds in.

Big Will picked a doozie from the eighties: – the ending from the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ and Simple Minds’ classic 80’s track ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’. Still dig that track to this day. Nice pick Will.

Brendan took a different tack and chose a great TV programme – the pilot episode of Miami Vice and the Phil Collin’s track ‘In The Air Tonight’ when Crockett and Tubbs are driving though the dark-lit Miami streets, getting ready for the final showdown. It’s a great moment and that track fits perfectly. Heavyweight Lennox Lewis has used that track to enter the boxing ring, and of course it’s also used in the movie ‘The Hangout’ in the Mike Tyson scene. But the Miami Vice scene is so much better.

Brother-in-Law Clinton had a unique choice – a quirky techno french tune called ‘La Caution’ by A La Menthe  thats in the film Ocean’s 12 and is used for the Laser Dance scene – which is probably the only good thing in the movie.  Magnifique.

Right. My turn.

I have a few and some are from Quentin Tarrantino films – such as the scene between Samuel L Jackson and Chris Tucker from the movie Jackie Brown ,when Jackson plays the soul-funk classic ‘Strawberry Letter 23′ by the Brothers Johnson in his car, (see the full scene here), and there’s a number of great tracks from Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 – but there’s so many of them I will save all those for a later blog.

There’s also the Paul Oakenfold ‘Ready Steady Go (Korean Style) track that’s played in the Club Fever action sequence of the Tom Cruise/ Jamie Foxx/ Mark Ruffalo –  Michael Mann directed classic ‘Collateral’. Seriously, that scene is a killer.

But here’s a couple my all-time favourites (Hey, it’s my blog so I can chose two).

The start of ROCKY III to Survivors’ Eye Of The Tiger is a great opening sequence because it sets the whole movie up. No exposition. The plot is explained in the opening three minutes of this track. The song, despite being cheesy these days –  just works brilliantly in the opening sequence against the MTV style montage.

My second favourite is a very young Tom Cruise (straight off a war jet in Top Gun) strutting his stuff playing pool in the under-rated Martin Scorsese film THE COLOR OF MONEY. Here he shows-off playing pool to the tune ‘Werewolves of London’ by Warren Zevon. Scorsese’s use of the camera moves in tune with the song, and Cruise times his shots perfectly to the music. From a camera/ sound technical standpoint – it’s quite a joy to watch – even with the silly cue-stick acrobatics.

I always play that Warren Zevon song in my head while I play pool.  As for trick shots – just ask my sister Kelly.  The track works for that as well as she now demonstrates…

So that’s a few of my family and friends picks. Let me know what you’re favourite music tracks to a particular movie scene are. I’m sure you have a few.


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