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NOTE – if you haven’t seen this film I suggest you watch it before reading this as you won’t have a clue to what I’m talking about.


The ending of INCEPTION is great because it leaves you hanging.

I love the final two scenes.  When they arrive back in LA at the airport after completing their mission – is Cobb (DiCaprio) really free? His team acknowledge him with only mere glances at the luggage pick up point.

The music swells (brilliantly composed by Hans Zimmer) and he finally arrives home and sees his kids – but he’s seen this in his dreams…

..wait on a minute, is he still dreaming? 

He takes out his totem which is a small spinning top and he spins it on the kitchen table to check if he’s still dreaming. 

If the spinning top stops spinning and falls like it’s suppose to  – he’s not dreaming and is finally back in the real world. 

If it carries on spinning  – he is in limbo and probably dead in his dreams.


But once he sees his kids – he immediately rushes to embrace them. He forgets about the spinning totem.

The camera slowly pans away from him and his kids – and onto the totem…

…it’s still spinning on the kitchen table. 

Oh god, is he still dreaming? 

Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack fades  – and then pierces sharply, as the spinning top looks like it’s starting to wobble.

But it hasn’t fallen. is Jack still dreaming?….no wait, the totem’s about to fall…or is it?….it’s still wobbling….

Cut to black. 

Credits appear. 

Great ending.

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